The sexy girl neighbor next door from the 3th floor Part 2

sexy oiled ass in doggystyle waiting for dick

Lisa: „ Yes, please, but i don’t have but we can use olive oil and its more healthier too!”

She goes in the kitchen, takes the oil and comes back to oil my dick and sits back in doggystyle.


I enter and quickly closed the door behind me and I saw her in the kitchen, she was cooking something and I said „Hello!” and she replies „Come on dear,I am 38 years old, stop telling me miss” and then found out she is 10 years older than me.

Lisa: „Come in, take a seat until I finish this tiramisu. Do you like it? But who doesn’t like tiramisu right?”.

I was watching her moving into the kitchen and wearing a tight transparent shirt and I could see her nipples and a pair of tight skin color yoga pants.

You could see her pussy shape and the ass, the ass was fucking great like she wasn’t wearing anything on her.
Suddenly my dick got hard while I was watching her moving I the kitchen and she turns to me saying „I is Lisa, nice to meet you”.

I try to cover up my dick that was visible in my short pants and say „ My name is Dany, nice to meet you too” and she replies
Lisa: „ „I should understand that you like the way I am dressed, right?”

Lisa: „You don’t have to cover your dick because I wanted to get you a hard dick, this I why I dressed like this”
Lisa: „ „It around me when you look like that at me”
Me: I was still couldn’t believe it and says:

Lisa: „Don’t be so shy, when you looked at the recording, you liked it?”
Lisa: the „Just act like you know me your whole life”
Me: „I will try”

In the meantime the tiramisu was ready and sat next to me so we could eat.
Me:”You were saying we know each other for a lifetime, right?”

Me: „I can’t get my eyes off your nice tits”
Lisa:”I can see that” while she grab by hard dick
Me: „I didn’t see that coming”
Lisa: „But this? You saw it coming?”

She stands up, grabs my hand to get up, brings my pants down, she sits on her knees and takes my dick into her mouth and starts blowing me off.

I still found it hard to believe that this is happening in a boring weekend.
She sucked my dick for about 2 minutes and stood up, she was crazy! I tell her while breathing hard:
Me:”I really didn’t see that coming, so much spontaneity, but never happened to me”
Lisa: „I am glad that I know your taste :)”

Me „Are you kidding? It was really good”

She takes off her shirt and yoga pants and in no time I am between her legs and I start licking her shaved pussy while she is moving up and down on my tongue while still in her wet pussy and she really tasted good.
I start sucking her clit while she was moaning with pleasure.
She gripped my head and pressed harder and harder toward her pussy and she says
Me:”Let’s fuck”

Lisa:”I like your attitude, ” she replies and lies down on her back on countertop kitchen and spreads her legs saying

Lisa: „Come on, put it deep” and I started to fuck her hard, but I didn’t hold too much until I came.

After 4 minutes of fucking I drag my dick outside of her and she started to make me a handjob until I came on her belly.
She looked me in the eyes and smiled and she collected all the sperm from her belly and put it inside her mouth and swallows it.

I was surprised and said:
Me: „i saw that only in pornstar movies”
Lisa: „Now you saw it in real life too” while smiling
Lisa:” You are indebted to me with an orgasm”
Right away, I sit on the floor and tell her
Me: „Come on, lay on me in the 69 position”

Right away, she put her pussy over my mouth and put my tongue deep inside her and begin to pull hard.
She was not far behind because she started to suck cock that I still had drops of sperm.
Suddenly, I felt vagina muscles contracting and Lisa gave a mighty groan because she pressed her buttocks, in so way that I barely reach her pussy with my tongue.
She had an orgasm! She stopped sucking my dick, and remained so exhausted with my dick in her mouth.

I sat there for about two minutes, while I kissed her pussy.
„How good it was, ” she said while getting up on her feet.
Lisa:” Who would thought  of my neighbor from 4’th floor”

Me: „Do you think I was thinking at the neighbor from 3th floor? Well, I noticed you a long time ago, I mean, I love big tits like yours and I don’t like skinny girls, but I didn’t have the courage to say something to you before, because you are older than me”
Lisa:”By the way, how old are you?”
Me: „28 years old”

Lisa: „OO! A young dick, and you looked at me? Me that I have almost 40 years”
Me: „I doesn’t matter the age judging by your body”

Lisa: „Thank you, and if you mentioned what you like and don’t like, lets get to know each other better”
Lisa: „I mean, what you like or don’t like in your sex life, because I don’t think we could get together, but for sex yes”

Me: „So you want us to be fuck friends?”

Lisa: „Yes, you understood really well, and occasions for having sex will be a lot of them, the only thing that is splitting us is only 1 floor, but is your decision and only if you accept”

Me: „Sure, I accept, I am watching for a log time just as I had not had the courage to ask you this, ever! I would have been afraid to say because I didn’t want you to call you a bitch”
Lisa: „Come on, we are growing, and besides all girls like to have a fuck friend, but they are afraid of admitting it. So let’s get back what we like and dislike. Without restraints!”
Me: „Ok! With what should I start? In the first place I like talking dirty in bed, like dick, pussy, tits”

Lisa: „I noticed that and I also noticed that I like to call them dick, tits and pussy”
Yes, and then I took courage!
Me: „I like to make you a blow job! Especially in 69, me below you. I love to lick pussy while you beat the buttocks on my face! I also like your pussy taste”
Lisa: „Hmm, it’s turning me on! You have already given me as an example!”
Me: „Well, you’re the first person with I can talk like that!”
Lisa: „But you get a blowjob, you do not like?”

Me: „Of course I like it, but I admit that it excites me more to see you with pleasure. I like to hear your orgasm! How you moan like and scream!”
Me: „And I love to see you swallowing my sperm.”
Lisa: „Did you see that I do not let a single drop! Until now we are a perfect match”

Me: „Ok we match, but I like hairy pussies, not foot, hands, hair that I hate it, just the pussy”
Lisa: „I was shaving my pussy to not neglect it, in case something like us happened, but if you want I can grow pussy hair :)”

Me: „As I said, I like big boobs, nice round and big ass, just like yours, cause I need to grip on your ass when I fuck you”

Me: „You have the perfect and desired body by me, ” I tell her, touching her wet pussy from the orgasm”.
Me: „What else I could say, we fight, what do you say?”
Lisa:”Yes, we fit in bed, but I have a thing that I don’t know if I would like it because I have never tried it”

Me: „Tell me, what is that?”
Lisa: „I want you to fuck me in the ass”
Me: „Until this age, you haven’t tried to get fucked in the ass?”

Lisa:”Just like you, I didn’t find anyone that I could talk to about this kind of stuff! And I was afraid to ask you this, but I have done now”

Me: „No problem, we will do it for sure and next time I will fuck you in the nice ass of yours.”
Then I sit on my her and asked:
Me: ”What else do you like in bed? ”
Lisa: „ I would love to watch while masturbating each other and I would also want you to cum on my face”

Me: „Sounds interesting and I won’t say no”
Lisa:”I want to suck your dick and you to cum in my mouth also because I imagine all your cum how it comes from your balls through your dick and  I want to suck it all – How good it is”

Me: „I get my dick hard again, can you feel it?”

Lisa: „Yes I can feel it”

Me: „Come on suck my dick hard”.

Next she sits down in front of me and I stick my dick into her mouth and begin to fuck her mouth and throat.

She was sucking dick like a crazy girl and I knew she liked to suck my dick. My feet hurt from that much fucking but I saw to her:

Me: „Stay in doggy style, because I want to fuck you from behind”

She stand in doggy style position waiting for my dick, and I spread her chicks to find the asshole and I rubbed my dick against her pussy to get the dick wet. Only then he realized what I was doing. She screamed :

Lisa: „Oh yes! Fuck me hard in the ass!”

And I pushed hard in her ass, but entered hard because my dick saw not enough lubrificated and suddenly:

Lisa:”Stop, please stop, is hurting me”

Me: „I am sorry, didn’t mean to make you hurt, do you want to try with more lubricant?”

Lisa: „ Yes, please, but i don’t have but we can use olive oil and its more healthier too!”

She goes in the kitchen, takes the oil and comes back to oil my dick and sits back in doggystyle.

The second time I entered her ass slowly and she said „No, i don’t want anymore” and I say ok to stand up and do what you like the most and she replies that she want to suck my dick.

Me: „Ok, but suck it hard” and she sucked it for 5-6 minutes and I came the second time that day, and she swallowed all my cum without loosing a single drop and sat down exhausted.

Lisa: „”Thank you Dan, thank you for the crazy, angry sex and for fucking me in the ass” and I realised that she will never ever try to get fucked in the ass.

Me:”Yeah, neither for me was too pleasuring”

Lisa: ”I have another request, but I don’t know if you would agree with it, but I am sure you will enjoy it”.

She made me already curios and I was sure I would enjoy it, for sure more than fucking her ass so I ask her to tell me she didn’t want at that moment, promising  me that she will reveal her secret another time.

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