Lesbian Sex between Straight Woman Friends

I will tell a wonderful sex story between my and my straight women friendThe depressive and ugly month of autumn.

I finally had a day off and I just wanted to bury myself in the pillows and be comfortable in the peace and quiet of my room.

I think I’ve been sleeping for some time when I hear the door ring sounding nervous at repeated intervals.

I get up hard and head for the door with dark thoughts about the person behind the door.

I open the door with a jaw in the sky and one in the ground and I see my neighbor and the best friend of my life in the doorbell: “Hey! it sounds like it is … We do not drink coffee today?

I’ve been trying to find you for an hour. – Yeah … I wanted to hide from the world and get some rest.

At work, it’s terrible with the latest project just screams to the left and right that it’s not ready and I’m very stressed. But if you still wanted to mess my peace, go in and put coffee. I do not have the energy for that … –

Come on, but what are you winning about?

Let me make you a strong one!

I buried myself comfortably in the kitchen armchair, and Maya grabbed her coffee.

Soon started to smell like coffee and seemed like I was back from the lethargy.

We started to tell stories and I told her to give me details of her intimate life with her man.

Married for about two years, young and craving, she always had the pleasure to tell her stories. Okay until here, just that I did not have many stories in my turn so she always was breaking my balls about being lesbian.

I have been busy always working, I did not have time to go out or have any affairs as much as I wanted one.

Maya- The problem is, I hear her, it’s like you need a good fuck and you’ll be able to work again. You’re too stressed. Get a vibrator at least.

Me: “At How much energy I have at the end of the day, I don’t think I would be able to start the vibrator I answer, laughing. –

Maya: It’s not a problem with us, on the contrary … I think I have too much lust and I do not do it, haha. What are you doing tonight? Paul is gone, I bring a bottle of wine and we watch a movie?

ME: Okay … okay … Come on at 8, I’ll be back by then and we will see a movie.

The day went slowly after the coffee with Maya, and when I walked out of the shower, I did not have a good time wrapping myself in the towel as I heard the door ring and Maya screaming.

I went out like that and I left her in and I went to get a gown.

Meanwhile, she found the glasses and poured wine, prepared the movie in the dining room and some peanuts.

The movie was funny, the good wine, we finished the band all the bottle and we started to debunk memories and secrets again.

She asked me if any man licked my hairy pussy.

I told her only one and did not seem to know what he was doing …

I did not get to the end of the story and  I woke up with her next to me … kissing me my neck.

It surprised me but I did not reject her and I responded to the kiss, tasted her sweet tongue and warm lips.

Her hand slipped under my robe and touched my nipples and held my breasts in her palm …

I did not know if it was the wine or her effect on me but I started to warm myself up easily.

It was crazy what was happening but I could not stop so I kept lesbian kissing for a while and touching each other.

When her hand squeezed between my legs … I jerked. –

Maya: It bothers you? I want to make you feel what you never felt.

Me I replied through a kiss and pulled her over me and her hand went again … there, at my pussy.

She sat between my legs … where she rubbed my naked pussy and her index finger went through my pussy lips until I was all wet.

She knew how to touch me and where to touch me with her hot hand.

My lips were filled with pleasure, and she had lowered her mouth to my breasts where she was sucking my nipples like she had never been sucking a nipple.

She unfastened my robe and put her finger in my pussy … wondered if I wanted it deeper and I screamed almost in her ear to go deeper.

My pussy becomes wetter and her finger moved wonderfully in me.

She unfastened my legs and stared into my eyes as she lowered her mouth towards my pussy.

It seems as if she has tangled her tongue in my pussy …. she moves her tongue up and down between my pussy lips, then sucks my lind, and when I did not expect to penetrate my pussy with her tongue.

I was agitating like a desperate girl, pulling her more into my pussy, looking at me from there perversely smiling and licking my pussy me harder and more.

She put her fingers in my pussy after all and fucked me like this before I finished shaking.

She climbed on me then, throwing her bra in the middle of the living room and wrapped my tongue in her kisses.

Her mouth was the taste of my pussy, she smelled like fucking and it was making me crazy to kiss her even harder.

She put her panties down and started rubbing our pussies up until she finished.

We cuddled, kissed and then licked for a long time.

I got up over her and started licking her all over, sucking her nipples and kissing her pussy.

I gave her a wonderful orgasm and we slept on the couch one in the other’s arms.

It was an experience that we do not regret and which we repeat from time to time with pleasure.

Now we have toys, but that on another date …

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